Thursday, April 28, 2011

Less than three months to go..

It's amazing how quickly everything seems to be ending, and how soon it is until I leave for Summer Training and my year on the road. I graduate college exactly two weeks from tomorrow, and I am still coming to terms with my impending transition to adulthood.

As in, I'm putting off studying for my finals. And mailing my graduation announcements.

As in, I still haven't bought my cap, gown, tassels.

And while it seems like I am slow to accept the fact that college is ending, I am beyond excited about the upcoming year.

We received our list of handbooks/reading material for before training and Officer Training, and I've started glancing through it. I'm planning on printing out all of them (obviously smaller scale, two sided pages), and then reading/marking them up. For practical reasons (i.e., I would definitely start reading those instead of finishing up these next two weeks), I'm going to refrain from doing that until I officially finish my last final. In addition, I've already started purchasing my work wardrobe, although I am slightly overwhelmed by the task of putting together a closet on wheels.

So, here goes the last two weeks of my undergraduate career. Wish me luck!

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