Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Leave a legacy, not a history

It's official -- the 2011-2012 CDCs have hit Columbus! We got in yesterday, and have spent the last 24 hours unpacking, trying fried pickles, laughing, and learning. The Martin Center is just as beautiful as I remember it being when we interviewed back in February, and it is still surreal that I'll be living here with 10 other girls for the next 3.5 weeks.

Today we talked about financial budgeting (definitely going to be trying to save a lot this year) and about our expectations for the upcoming year. It's finally starting to sink in that I'm going to be visiting all of these different chapters and meeting an incredible group of women each place I travel all over the country.

Speaking of traveling all over the country, have you checked out the latest addition to the sidebar of my blog? After OTS, I posted my tentative schedule. Tentative being the key word, as I'll probably have a chapter visit added and there's definitely a chance that my visits will change.

So where am I going? All over!

Alabama, Penn State, Michigan
Break in Athens
UC San Diego, Arizona, Texas Tech
Break in Athens
South Florida, Tampa, and the U (Miami)

How exciting is that? I can't wait to see places I've never seen and meet people who will most certainly teach me a whole lot. And this is only a half year!

If you haven't already, check the sidebar and read blogs from some of the other CDCs from this year. All of them are wonderful, and I know it will be so fun to read about where they are going!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

On packing - part two.

How do you get all of this:

(pictured are: a fleece, a sweatshirt, a rain jacket, a blazer, workout pants, 2 pairs of leggings, 5 pairs of nike shorts, running tights, 4 short sleeve workout tops, 2 long sleeve workout tops, 5 pairs of pants, 3 pairs of shorts, 4 skirts, 7 dresses, a romper, 13 short sleeve tops, 5 long sleeve tops, toiletries, blowdrier, and 6 pairs of shoes)  

into one suitcase and one carry on?

The answer: Hefty zip top bags!

As it turns out, the zip-top bags help to organize and create a vaccuum effect -- meaning you can fit more into less space!

Here's the finished product:

And look, still fifteen pounds to spare!

I'm considering that expert packer title earned.

Friday, July 1, 2011

On packing.

I consider myself to be an expert packer. For example: this past weekend, I packed:
  1. Three dresses
  2. A pair of pants
  3. Three sets of workout clothes
  4. Two skirts
  5. Two sweaters
  6. A sweatshirt
  7. Four dress shirts
  8. Four pairs of shoes: Two pairs of flats, a pair of heels, and running shoes
  9. Toiletries/underwear/etc
into a carry-on bag. Just one!

Anyways, because I'll be away from home from July 5-15, and because I leave on the 18th for training, I really need to start thinking about packing to live out of a suitcase, a carry-on roller bag, and a tote for the next four months.

I'm slightly overwhelmed.

Today, my goal is to write out my packing list. I need it to be detailed and complete, because I also want it to serve as an inventory for everything I bring along. And because I'll be less able to just run out and purchase something if I forget it, I'm slightly nervous.

What are some things I shouldn't forget but probably will on my own? Any tips and tricks so that I can fit more?