Monday, February 27, 2012

On turning 23

Since it's my birthday (tomorrow), you get a baby picture:

Admit it, I was a cutie. Also a red-head; true life.
 When I was in college, it felt like everyone was always looking towards being 21. Then, once you hit 21, everyone just assumed everything was downhill from there.

I don't get that. Why are we so afraid of getting older?

My year as a 22 year old has been a wonderful one; I've had so many new experiences, from graduating college to falling in love to having my first job, and visiting so many new states. I've become mostly financially independent, been responsible about putting aside money, started thinking about my future. I've discovered new talents and reaffirmed old passions. Being 22 has been pretty awesome.

I have no doubt that 23 will be even better.

I have this theory that life only gets better as it goes on. College was a wonderful time in my life, but when I finished, I approached it as starting a new chapter, rather than looking back on what I would be giving up. Growing up means that you begin learning from mistakes, start settling into who you are as a person, and finally start to figure out what you value, and what's important to you.

Twenty-three. It's going to be a fantastic year for me, full of learning, loving, being happy, experiencing new things. I am looking forward to settling somewhere for a little bit, finding my own place, continuing to maintain old friendships and creating new ones. It's going to be a year of staying healthy, finding balance, and changing lives. I have big plans for this year, let me tell you.

Plans like: thinking about graduate school, taking the GRE, visiting even more major league parks, finishing my first full marathon, running another half, starting and finishing P90X, volunteering more, joining a yoga studio, becoming a better cook.. the list goes on and on.

Growing up actually feels pretty good.

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