Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Throwback Tunesday

Who’s to say that Tunesday has to happen on a Tuesday? Not this girl, that’s for sure.

My friend Kelly suggested that I start linking the playlists that I make on here to real life playlists that readers could listen to. Great idea! She suggested using 8tracks, but either I am technologically challenged or 8tracks hates me (or both), and I couldn’t figure out how to upload my playlists :(

Luckily, I think I figured out a decent alternative. I love Spotify for listening to music on my computer, and I know some people use Spotify premium to listen to music on other devices, so I’ve begun creating my playlists in Spotify.

Today’s playlist is a medley of some of my favorite songs to sing along to from the ‘90’s and ‘00’s. As such, I’m calling it Throwback Tunesday, and you can listen here.

Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It Will Smith
Everybody – Backstreet’s Back The Backstreet Boys
Crazy Britney Spears
Tearin’ Up My Heart N Sync
Fantasy Mariah Carey
Mambo No. 5 Lou Bega
Wannabe Spice Girls
Waiting for Tonight Jennifer Lopez
…Baby One More Time Britney Spears
Jumpin’ Jumpin’ Destiny’s Child
I’ll Be There For You The Rembrandts
B.O.B. OutKast
Yeah! Usher
Lose Control Missy Elliot
Roses OutKast

I’m going to work to get all of my playlists uploaded into my Spotify account for your listening pleasure.
Mostly guilty listening pleasure, let’s be honest.

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  1. All of these are on my normal playlists that I listen to at work and in the car... I think my musical taste could be qualified as "guilty pleasures"