Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What I learned this week – 3/6 edition

I’ve decided to start bringing some regular features to the blog. Here’s the first of them.

If you know me, you know how much I love learning. Seriously, I’m a fan of random trivia, taking classes, having my mind blown with new facts, you name it.

Each Tuesday, I’ll recap five things I’ve learned since the last Tuesday. And there will be links so that you can learn about them too!

1. That higher altitude running is more difficult! During my first full day in Pullman, I agreed to a run with the vp: communications, Hannah. She told me we would go slow on our one mile run to the gym, so I felt like a fool when I was dying about five minutes into our run! I was able to finish the mile there and back (as well as 2 miles on the treadmill while at the gym), but breathing was difficult! As it turns out, Pullman is nearly a half a mile above sea-level. Needless to say, I’m a little nervous about running during my two weeks in Colorado.

2. That grown adults laugh an average of 15 times per day, while children laugh an average of 300 times per day! This fun fact was shared by a yoga teacher during the Beta Omega chapter retreat. I definitely think this job has upped my average, thanks in part to all of the amazing collegians I get to work with. Claire at Whitman shared this gem with me during my last day in Walla Walla – I dare you to watch it without having a giggle. And giggling is good – laughing keeps you young!
3. That Jesse Eisenberg (Social Network) is big brother to Hallie Kate Eisenberg (remember the Pepsi girl?). If you ever want to learn new things, IMDB.com is a great place to start. My clicking around from the website’s page on Matilda led me to this little discovery, although literally I learn something new every time I visit the site.

4. That ice cream can affect your brain in the same way drugs do. It all makes so much sense now! Seriously though, maybe this is a new way to fight drug addiction? Give all the drug addicts Haagen Dazs?

5. That Walla Walla, Washington may be the best place to spend a birthday. Okay, this isn’t really an interesting fact, but I had to share how wonderful my 23rd birthday was at Whitman. The women were so fantastic to me, from making me taco bar for dinner to creating a beautiful cake to welcoming me with open arms into their sisterhood. I really had a special week in Walla Walla, and learned a lot from our Alpha Eta chapter. This job has really blessed me with the opportunity to meet so many incredible women all over the country.

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