Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Upcoming races

One of the things I love most about running is participating in races. I’ve run quite a few 5ks and two half marathons. In fact, running in races has been the thing I’ve missed most of this year on the road.

I like races because of the community they allow me to be a part of. The running community is non-judgmental, welcoming, and healthy. Being around the kind of people who get up early on a Saturday morning to do something good for their health are a special breed, and I like being one of them.

So it should be no surprise that I got really excited when I got this in my inbox earlier this week:


That’s right, I’ll be running the Charlottesville Half in just THREE DAYS! I’m preparing by drinking lots of water and making a killer playlist. And I’ve picked out my outfit – I will be running in my Texas shorts and a black running top. And obviously with my Spibelt. Get excited for pictures.

Yesterday, I also registered for another race, a two mile sand dune race on the Fourth of July.  I’ll be spending the holiday with some friends in the Outer Banks, and right now I know six of the nine participants who have signed up! I’m pretty excited for a new experience.

And, finally, I’ve got the big one coming up – my first full marathon. The Marine Corps Marathon sold out of 30,000 spots in under three hours, which is apparently a record for the US! Crazy. I’m not sure exactly what I’ve gotten myself into, but I do know that I’m excited and that I’m looking forward to starting my training.


So there’s my race schedule. It’s a little light right now, but once I get back home, I’m excited to sign up for a few more 5ks… And the Color Run that all my friends took part in in Atlanta is coming to DC in September! I’m super pumped for registration to open.

Anyone have any good recommendations for races in or near the DC area? They have to be after May 7th, but if you’ve got good ones, I’d love to hear about them!

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