Sunday, April 15, 2012

What do you value?

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What  do you value? Seems like a pretty easy question, no?

This year, I’ve made it my goal to talk about values everywhere I go. Whether it’s how to recruit women based on values or how to live by Delta Gamma’s values, I’m always trying to get the women that I meet to think about what this six letter word, values, really means.

Why? Because what we value defines who we are. Because what we value isn’t just communicated through what we say, it’s communicated in our every day activities. Our values are determined by what we do, say, and think.

And because somebody who knows what they value, and who strives to live their values, is unstoppable.

Some things I value? Honesty. Integrity. Compassion. Health. Happiness. Friendship. Respect. Learning. Teamwork. Forgiveness.

But it’s not just enough to tell people what you value. After all, corporations, politicians, organizations… many fail when what they do does not align with what they say they stand for. And the same fate could befall sororities and fraternities.

We say we stand for friendship, but then we talk about each other behind closed doors.

We say we stand for honesty, but then we lie about why we’re missing a meeting.

We say we stand for integrity, but then we take the extra t-shirt that someone left in the common area.

What’s that song? A little less talk, a lot more action?

What separates fraternities and sororities from other campus organizations is their ability to provide a values-based experience. It’s what has kept us relevant for over a hundred years. It’s why young women and men can be transformed over the course of their college experience.

Because that unquantifiable deeper meaning you get from life once you know what you stand for? It pushes you to be that better version of yourself. It gives you purpose and drive and breeds passion. It helps you to inspire others to find their deeper meaning too.

And that, for lack of a better word, is just awesome.

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