Thursday, January 19, 2012

Advice my mother gave me

This is my mom (Hi mom! Surprise, this blog is about you!):


My mom, as it turns out, is pretty awesome. She also has a lot of life experience, which means she gives some really great advice. Advice like:

Don’t procrastinate. Okay, so I never followed this. I just said she gave good advice, not that I was the best at following it… In college/high school/middle school/elementary school I was the queen of night-before-the-due-date-still-get-a-good-grade assignments. But the stress is terrible! And, mom, you are so right.

You can’t win unless you apply. So true! If you don’t enter the raffle, you’re clearly not going to win the prize – you have no ticket! This is probably my favorite piece of my mom’s advice. It’s why, despite losing class election after class election, I continued to put myself out there. In essence, it’s why I have the job that I have now. This little nugget of wisdom has probably given me what I think is one of my best qualities – tenacity.

Get a flu shot. 

And that piece of advice brings us to the reason for this post. Approximately two weeks ago, my mom tried to trick me into getting a flu shot. Can you imagine? Trick ME! Her 22-going-on-23-year-old daughter!

It happened like this: I thought we were going to Target to stock up on necessities for the semester (shampoo, water bottle, Nutella that got taken by airport security…), when suddenly, I was cornered in the Pharmacy! And then she propositioned me: “You know, you should really get a flu shot.”

Luckily for me, Target was out of flu shots, and I narrowly escaped her trap.

Of course, that didn’t stop the gentle reminders. And yet, I still didn’t bite. So here I am, blogging about how, after four months of being healthy on the road, I finally got sick.

Karma? Or crazy momma voodoo? Kidding, mom, I love you!

It started two days ago, with the sniffles. Then yesterday morning, when I woke up with a headache, fever, and cough, I started chugging the Emergen-c. Too late. Yesterday, I ended up having to give in to trying to sleep it off. I ended up napping throughout the day, and then had to give in to my mom on our nightly phone call – she told me so.

Luckily, after 13 hours of sleep last night, I feel about 80% today – crisis averted. This time.

Tomorrow, I’m walking one mile down the hill to CVS, and I’m getting my flu shot.

Thanks, mom.

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