Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hello from the Lehigh Valley

Yesterday, after a delay in Columbus, a holding pattern over Philly, and a prop plane into the Allentown-Bethlehem Airport, I finally arrived at my first visit for the spring semester – Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania!


I’m here at our Epsilon Lambda chapter until next Saturday. The women have been very welcoming, and I’ve already gotten to experience two delicious meals out! I got to eat brunch this morning at Blue Sky, which is apparently a Bethlehem favorite, and then got to share a “plain pie (cheese pizza, for all of you non-Northerners)" with EVC late tonight as they were finishing their bid list.

SIDENOTE: Can we just talk about how I ate the best breakfast sandwich I have ever eaten in my entire life today? Cream cheese, local bacon, eggs, and apple on sun-dried tomato focaccia bread. Sounds weird, but I totally wish I could re-create it every day of my life. THAT good. No, really. If you’re ever in Bethlehem, check out Blue Sky Cafe.

DOUBLE SIDENOTE: Can we also talk about all of the delicious things I have eaten on the road? Salsa made tableside, today’s delicious breakfast sandwich, In n’ Out burger, sushi in Miami, another delicious burger in Minnesota… Definitely going to use this blog to talk about all the amazing things I eat. Perks of CDC living. Go home bigger?

This morning, I got to give myself a mini running tour of the campus (look at me counteracting all of those deeeelicious calories). My half marathon training plan called for 3 miles, so I suited up in running tights, three layers on top, my Redskins ear warmers, thermal gloves, and set off. Let me tell you, 30 degrees is no joke.

You know what else isn’t a joke? Hills. Hoooooly hills. Lehigh is actually situated on a hill (some of the chapter members informed me that the University pretty much owns the whole mountain), so I ran up and down hills and steps and took in some of the scenery this campus has to offer.

One thing I love most about the northern United States is the beautiful stone work. Seriously. The buildings up here are so gorgeous, and I am certain if I went to school here, I would spend hours taking it all in. I’m definitely looking forward to some more runs around campus, although a sweet collegian offered me a three day gym pass! Hooray for treadmill runs and weights!

Tomorrow is Bid Day here, and I am excited to post about it! It feels like Christmas Eve, and I think I’m just as eager as the collegians to get the list of Delta Gamma’s newest members!

Well, maybe not just as eager, but it’s certainly a close call.

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