Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Jersey, new state.

Surprise! I am writing tonight from snowy New Jersey – a new state in my travels this year.

Well, I guess technically not, since I visited Princeton and Edison over my winter break, but none-the-less, it is still a new state in Delta Gamma-land for me.

If you’ve been following my sidebar, you know that today was supposed to be my first day at Lafayette College in Easton, PA. I did make it to Easton, plopped my bags down in my new room, observed this pretty neat conference for all of the leaders on their campus, and then packed an over night bag for a quick trip to the Garden State.

I’ll be helping with a recruitment workshop tomorrow, and then head back to Easton at night.

This job has definitely added some spontaneity to my life, and I am learning to enjoy the process and live more in the moment. Today that means I am getting excited to meet new women and see another college campus – Rutgers!

Here’s to hoping I have time to take photos!

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